Custom Moulded Chocolate Noodle Box

Noodle boxes have more uses than just noodles. The Custom Moulded Chocolate Noodle Box has 4 custom moulded chocolates inside and a full colour sticker on the outside.


Product sizes & details

Equal To: 45mm(√∏)

Weight: 12 grams per chocolate – 4 per box

Packaging & Colours

Full colour sticker applied

Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, White Chocolate

White Noodle Box

Colours and measurements shown above are an approximate guide.

Promotions are always fun. For your colleagues, it means receiving fun freebies from your company. And for you, it means getting to express your creativity in coming up with unique promotional giveaways that everyone will definitely enjoy. So how about you take a look at the branded Custom Moulded Chocolate Noodle Box.

The printed Custom Moulded Chocolate Noodle Box is a great promotional product that lets you squeeze out all your creative juices. Not only do you get to design the graphic at the packaging, but you also get to design your own custom mold for the chocolate contents.

Inside the noodle box are four pieces of custom moulded chocolates. Each chocolate piece weights 12 grams, and are fully customisable to any mould you like. You can mould them into your company logo, or into shapes related to your industry. Chocolate flavours include: milk, dark, and white chocolate.

The packaging is designed after noodle boxes which you can also customise to have your printed logo at the sides. With customisable packaging and contents, you’re definitely going to impress anyone who will receive the branded Custom Moulded Chocolate Noodle Box.

If you want to go for larger pieces of custom moulded chocolates, we also have the Custom Shaped Large Chocolate.  A size like this is great for crafting intricate designs, so you’re really going to have to be very creative. If you think the large one is a bit too big, we also offer the branded Custom Shaped Medium Chocolate as a smaller alternative.

If you’re really into gift giving multiple items to your valued recipients then how about pairing up your chocolates with the branded Otto Flex Low Profile Cap. They will surely be a great addition to your marketing arsenal.

Chat with us online, or give a call, in case you need help. Our number is 1300 008 300.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Confectionery Type

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