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Some things just go well together just like wine & cheese, peanut butter & jelly, and for your promotion, chocolates & marshmallows. This combination makes our promotional Chocolate Marshmallows a winning mix that will carry your corporate banner proud during any event. Just customise it with your branding and this delicious tandem can be your marketing wonder.

Our branded Chocolate Marshmallows are a real tasty delight and will please any avid chocolate lover. Their outer crust of rich milk chocolate is nicely complimented by the subtly sweet marshmallow center. It’s a two-stage oral experience. When you take your first bite, your taste buds will be met with the bold taste of chocolate. As you further sink your teeth, the chocolate mallows inside just explodes, filling your mouth with a blend of flavours that simply deserves another round.

For your branding, you can further customise the Chocolate Marshmallows with your own mould design. Also, you can have your custom graphics printed right on the packaging.

For packaging, you can choose to have your promotional Chocolate Mallows in satchels, boxes, or any other packaging type that you’d like to go with.

Take these promotional Chocolate Marshmallows to your events like trade shows, holiday parties, or conferences, and you’ll definitely have a winning promotion that will speak well of your corporate image.

Make sure you check out the products under the Chocolate Marshmallows category. The personalised Custom Moulded Marshmallow – Single Box is definitely worth a look. For a fun approach on this custom confectionery, the Custom Moulded Marshmallow – Choc Pop is a good choice that you should also consider.

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