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When it comes to chocolates, one brand that stands out mainly due to its curious shape and unique succulence is personalised Toblerone chocolate. A chocolate that hails from a country most well-known for the Alps, cheeses and of course chocolates, Switzerland. And we at Fast Confectionery can deliver that original flavor wrapped in fully custom design be it for brand impact or Christmas giveaway. You get to choose.

Customised Toblerone chocolate is a popular triangle shaped delight that’s fused with milk chocolate, cocoa butter and crushed almonds. Its shape was designed to represent one of Switzerland’s most popular, if not the most popular mountain in the Alps called Matterhorn.

The Toblerone name was derived from the inventor of the chocolate Theodore Tobler followed by the Italian name for nugget “torrone”. Its distinct taste is easily recognizable and enjoyed by millions of adults and kids alike worldwide. Snap off a triangle treat, let it rest on your tongue and let it melt in your mouth.

And this Christmas, Fast Confectionery is in full gear to deliver to you promotional Toblerone treats that you can “gift wrap” with your brand or a holiday greeting perhaps, as you share them to potential clients and customers. Chocolates are definitely must have items in your Christmas list. It can brighten up Christmas-themed parties, charity giveaways, fund-raisers and company mixers. Name the event and Fast Confectionery will come knocking, all with a Santa Bag full of treats. All from our wide selection of edibles including candies, lollies, jellybeans and chocolates.

Drum up a design now. Think Christmas cheers, tinsel and snow, sparklers and pine trees. Select your product: Toblerone, Candy Canes Pillow Pack, Christmas Chocolate Reindeer heads. Pick an amount: 50? 5000? And we’ll do the rest.

Quick delivery, as quick as a Santa’s Reindeers, is also one of our guarantees anywhere in Australia. And you can be assured they are delivered delicious and fresh.

So what’s the hold-up? Feel free to browse our pages of edible Christmas treats that are just perfect for your event and cross them off your Christmas list. And if you still need a little more help, our cheerful team at 1300 008 300 will be more than happy to share the Christmas tidings.