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If there’s one hidden gem in the snack world that needs to shine, it’s the gratifying taste of the personalised Christmas toffees. They are an irresistibly sweet confection made by caramelizing sugar and molasses. It’s rich in flavour and leaves a desirable lingering taste. And if there’s one thing Fast Confectionery is an expert in, it’s sweets.

Fast Confectionery offers you this coming holiday our selection of branded Christmas Toffee, so you can see for yourself what exactly it is you’re missing out on. This treat will not only bring out the sweet tooth in everyone, it will also add a touch of colour this winter time as the vibrant packaging of these toffees are nothing short of charming.  

Slap on your brand trademark on any one of these customisable packages, and watch these treats leave a sparkle on your client’s faces. Wrap them in ribbons for an elegant touch, or leave them at a waiting area of your office and see the Christmas cheer suddenly glow on your customer’s faces.  

It’s all up to you now, whether to choose our promotional Christmas Toffees 30g Bag perfect for a solo snack by the fireplace. Or our personalised Christmas Toffees 100g Bag for when you want company to keep warm with. Order them in bulks of 5000 and you have yourself a wild Christmas office event, as these treats will simply magically disappear, from everyone wanting a piece.  Either way, it’s a guarantee you just can’t have one toffee snack. That’s just how delectable they are.

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