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Ah, Easter – a time of festivities and fun celebrations all across the country where the young and young once take part of. Join in on the merriment by gifting your clients, customers and employees with promotional chocolate Easter bunnies. Whether you have an event or not, a gift of these delicious custom chocolate Easter bunnies will not only boost your reputation, it shows your intent to build a lasting relationship with your customers.

Easter is originally a Christian celebration but through the years, it has been more cmmonly associated with bunnies, eggs and chocolate. However, the essence of Easter still remains – rebirth and renewal. Why, of all animals, is Easter associated with bunnies then? Some scholars believed that it is because rabbits are prolific procreators. They are a symbol of new life, which is what Easter is all about.  Interesting, eh?

So in light of Easter and the celebration of new life, we have personalised chocolate Easter bunnies for you to give away as promotional gifts. Choose from the delicious personalised Lindt bunny 10 gram pillow pack or perhaps the customised milk chocolate bunny 80 gram bag, which are both wrapped in clear cello bags.

You can showcase your brand or logo by placing a full-colour sticker on its packaging. We also have the mouth-watering branded Lindt bunny 20 gram organza bag, wherein your biz card, logo, or promotional message can be tied in with the packaging.

Shall we get your promotional chocolate Easter bunnies started? Ordering is made simple. Just choose the product of your choice, upload your artwork, and we will handle the rest. Whichever part of Australia you may be, we will deliver these right to your doorstep. Alternatively, you may speak to one of our friendly customer care staff if you have any questions about our products. The number to call is 1300 008 300.

We look forward to hearing from you!