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  • Humbugs 20 Gram Bag

    Humbugs 20 Gram Bag

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  • Humbugs 20 Gram Pillow Pack

    Humbugs 20 Gram Pillow Pack

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  • Humbugs 50 Gram Bag

    Humbugs 50 Gram Bag

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  • Humbugs 50 gram Pillow Pack

    Humbugs 50 Gram Pillow Pack

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  • Humbugs Glass Jar

    Humbugs Glass Jar

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  • Humbugs Large Glass Jar

    Humbugs Large Glass Jar

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  • Humbugs Round Acrylic Window Tin

    Humbugs Round Acrylic Window Tin

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  • Humbugs Round Tin

    Humbugs Round Tin

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  • Humbugs Small Glass Jar

    Humbugs Small Glass Jar

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  • Humbugs Square Glass Jar

    Humbugs Square Glass Jar

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  • Humbugs Square Plastic Jar

    Humbugs Square Plastic Jar

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  • Humbugs Tall Glass Jar

    Humbugs Tall Glass Jar

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It’s time to kick your marketing strategy into high gear and by giving away promotional humbugs to your customers, event attendees, or basically anyone you want to reach out to. Humbugs are one of the most popular boiled lollies out there. It originated in England in the early 1800s and until now, they still remain the world’s favourite lolly. It comes in different flavours, but these treats are well known for its refreshing peppermint taste. We offer you a wide variety of presentation containers, all bearing your personalised logo. These branded humbugs are definitely a giveaway winner.

You can choose to personalise your humbugs in any colour combination you desire. Here’s a marketing tip: choose your company colours to further emphasise your branding. Your promotional humbugs can be in plain or assorted colours, or in stripes. As for packaging, we have a lot of containers to choose from. These can be presented in pillow packs, glass jars, round tins, acrylic window tins, glass jars with locking lids, tall glass jars, and more. Choosing the right packaging can also give you free advertising mileage. How? The containers are too useful to throw away. Long after your custom humbugs are eaten, the containers can be used for other purposes. Your brand will always be on the container, being a constant reminder of how you spread happiness by giving away free treats.

The ordering process is simple – just place your order online and upload your company’s logo or promotional message. We’ll take care of the rest. If you are not comfortable ordering online, give us a call on 1300 008 300. Our friendly customer care personnel will be more than happy to assist you and walk you through the ordering process. As long as you live in Australia, we will deliver your promotional humbugs to your doorstep.

What are you waiting for? Spread happiness and order your personalised humbugs today!