Brighten up any corporate event with the promotional Rainbow Lollies. These promotional gift products are sure to cheer any special gatherings like parties and conferences. They can also be used to promote your brand during trade shows. The Rainbow lollies are a great way to get your brand across a saturated market through their remarkably delicious taste and custimisability to carry your branding.

Just by looking at the personalised Rainbow Lollies, you can already tell that they’re exciting. Their multicolored appearance already sparks excitement, and once you get to taste them, you certainly won’t be disappointed. They taste as delicious as they look, and will sure to pump up the nerves with an instant dose or sugar rush. Teams will find this gift very useful when working at late shifts. A little candy will sure help keep them awake and alert. They also make a great company for people who need to maintain concentration on their job, especially after working for more hours than usual. Just pop a few in the mouth to get back that focus.

Maximise the potential of the branded Rainbow Lollies by giving it your own personality and unique design. You can send in the logo of your company and we’ll attach it on to the packaging for advertising.

Custom Rainbow Lollies plus so much more

We currently have more than one sweet option under this category: The promotional Rainbow Lollies Baby Bottle, and the branded Rainbow Lollies, Baby Jar are just two to mention.

Also, we always guarantee that our products meet the highest standards. At the same time time, we also keep them within reach of any modest marketing budget.

You can reach us through phone or through live chat in case you have any questions with regards to placing an order. If you wish to call, our hotline is 1300 008 300. If you wish to chat with us, there’s a chat box by this window where you can shoot us your message.

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