Need sweet confectionery from our custom canister range? Promotional lolly presentation and custom chocolate packaging is but half the promotion. So now that you’ve selected which branded candies will go for your event, it’s time to pick them a packaging that will entice your recipients. We have a good selection from our custom confectionery canister range. Your edible marketing gifts can come in all shapes and sizes.

Our promotional confectionery canister range is broad whilst also being a smart way to package your custom lollies as they’re great not just for presentation, but also for storing.

You can use these canisters for your next trade show. Have people walk into your area and these canisters sit nicely on your exhibit table. Because they’re see through, the goodies inside are easily seen and would excite viewers.

What’s also great about canisters is their after-use. Lolly canisters don’t expire and can last a lifetime. Use them for other purposes right after consuming the mouth-watering treats. They can hold other small items such as paper clips, hair pins, personal trinkets, pills and medicines, or maybe other candies you might want to keep stored.

Labelling them with your brand is also easy. We can have your design on the side or at the lid and it will easily be seen. Put your company brand, logo, or maybe a personal dedication for special recipients and your promotion will surely become more special.

Custom Confectionery Canister Range plus more

Some great examples of our customised lollies canister Ranges are the branded Mentos in Acrylic Canister and decorated Lindor Balls in Acrylic Canister. These canisters have air tight mechanisms so your goodies inside are completely sealed and secured from the elements.

Why go the mysterious route when you can have great reveals with our promotional Canister Range? These convenient and durable packages are great both for gifts and giveaways.

You can talk to us if you would like to discuss your promotional lolly requirements in detail. We have our very accommodating Customer Happiness Team who will gladly attend to you. Call us at 1300 008 300, or chat with us on our website.