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Chocolate Coated Honeycomb



Lots of honeycomb for little price. Promotional chocolate Coated Honeycomb is the perfect item for conferences, trade shows, just about anywhere.

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Promotions can make or break your branding. And with an event as important as this, you just can’t rely on promotional products that are just mediocre. If you really want to make your promotion count, you’re going to need a product that’s going to win it for you. And nothing can be more perfect than the custom Chocolate Coated Honeycomb.

The branded Chocolate Honeycomb is a delicious confectionery giveaway that’s meant to be taken to your events and advertise your brand. Take them to trade shows and use them to attract potential clients. Hand them over as your gifts, and it’s definitely easier to start a conversation. It’s important to have your branding on the packaging so you’ll be credited for these delicious treats.

The inside of this confectionery is a honeycomb centre. We’ve coated it in rich milk chocolate, which gives it a nice balance in taste and consistency. Each box of these delicious treats packs 2 kilograms of chocolate coated honeycomb. That’s definitely enough to share with your group, or keep as a personal stash.

With the branded Chocolate Coated Honeycomb on your next promotion, you’re definitely going to make a memorable event that will win you new contacts.

If you’re thinking that you want to affiliate your brand with other popular brands, we also have some of those in our line-up. We can customise Toblerones, M&Ms, and even Lindt Chocolates to suit your advertising needs.

Chocolates are always romantic giveaways. And if you want to take things a step further, pairing your branded chocolates with our promotional bright green balloons would also be a great idea.

Let us know how we can help you out. You can chat with us and we can guide you through the whole ordering process. Or you can also call us through our dedicated hotline, 1300 008 300.


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