Lindt Balls Biz Card Treats

Add your business card with Lindt Lindor chocolates a very exclusive promotional product. The personalised Lindt Balls Biz Card Treats are simply the most special promotional gift idea.




Biz Card Holder with Lindt Lindor Balls x 2

Wrapper Colours : Variety of Wrappers available most popular is Mixed Colours/Flavours


90mmL x 55mmW x 45mmH


Customer Supplies Business Card

Normal size = 90mmL x 55mmW


Min Quantity: 100 units

Packing Information - This information is an estimate and can vary

Units in Box: 125 units

Box Size: 450x330x160mm WINTER months (for freight purposes a CUBIC weight of 6kg per carton will be applied. If using your own freight company please check details)

Box Size: 580x390x260mm SUMMER months  (for freight purposes a CUBIC weight of 15kg per carton will be applied. If using your own freight company please check details)

Box Weight (approx.): 4kg

Business card printing and/or insertion can be arranged at an extra cost

Colours and measurements shown above are an approximate guide.

Introducing your business and handing out your business cards can become quite dull and mundane. Why not spice it up with a great promotional product that will make your business card a lot more fun and exciting? Well, now you can do that with our promotional Lindt Balls Biz Card treats. These clever promotional gift items are a fresh new way to hand out your business cards and impress potential customers during trade fairs.

The custom Lindt Balls Biz Card treats are a business card holder with a dimension of 90mm in length, 55mm in width, and 45mm in height. The way it works is that you’ll be supplying us with your business cards, and we’ll attach the casing for the chocolates for each one. Each casing is see-through and will have 2 chocolate balls inside.

What makes this gift item so special is that the chocolates inside won’t be just any ordinary chocolates, but the famous Lindt chocolates. Neat, huh? Nobody expects to be given chocolate treats under a business card, which make it such a delightful surprise. Take the promotional Lindt Balls Biz Card treats to trade shows and conventions and you’ll change the way people see business cards.

Aside from Lindt, you can also use M&Ms to go with your business cards, as in the custom M&Ms Biz Card Treats. Or if you really like Lindt, but want to give them away using a different presentation, you can take a look at the personalised Lindor Balls Frosted Noodle Box or the promotional Lindor Balls Tube.

You can shoot us a message through our live chat application right on this window in case you have any questions or need help with the ordering process. If you prefer to give us a call instead, our hotline number is 1300 008 300.

Oh, lastly, if you’re also in the market for promotional printed balloons, please also give us an opportunity on our Fast Balloons website. See you over there. You may wish to start with our custom Royal Blue Balloons.

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Weight 1 kg
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