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Lindt Mini Reindeer



The promotional Lindt Mini Reindeer chocolate 10g with Label is a festive treat worth grabbing today.

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Polish your red nose and strap on your hooves for this Christmas, we’re going for a ride. Christmas is a wonderful time of the year. Filled with magic and glee. And what better way to jump into the festivities than to grab yourself a sleigh full of Fast Confectionery personalised Lindt Mini Reindeer chocolates; quirky, fun and absolutely marvelous-tasting.

Custom Lindt Mini Reindeer chocolate is a 10g chocolate treat made from none other than the velvety rich chocolate of Lindt. They are wrapped in gold foil for an elegant touch, complete with a red ribbon for a stark contrast.  The foil wrap keeps the freshness intact and the chocolates long lasting. So you can be assured of the Lindt trademark exquisite chocolate taste. A sticker also adorns the reindeer and at 20mm printable area, it’s enough for your logo to shine. Order 1000 pieces or up to 5000 and give them away at trade shows, office pageants or outreach programs. Now you can share your blessings while promoting your brand!

Of course, your sleigh ride is not complete with just one reindeer. But fret not, we also carry several other reindeer treats including our branded Christmas Chocolate Reindeer Heads. This delicious milk chocolate treat are reindeer heads with Jaffa red nose and is the perfect companion to our promotional Lindt Mini Reindeer. Truly the sugar boost of the season that can set you on fire!

And speaking of fire, feast your eyes on this awesome printed Brushed Heavy Cotton Double Flame Cap. Doesn’t that just make you want to do awesome things!  Wear this hat with your company logo and hand out the treats. This is what Christmas is for!

Made up your mind yet? Give us a holler at 1300 008 300 or chat with us using the link below. We have a great customer service team equipped with the know how to help you with anything! Ciao!


Product Sizes & Details

Lindt Mini Reindeer 10g with Label

Size: 5.5mm x 3.5mm

Weight: 10g

Printable Area

Full Colour Sticker: 20mm (dia)

Packaging & Colours

Foil Wrap

Colours and measurements shown above are an approximate guide.

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