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Christmas Chocolates

Mini Chocolate Christmas Freckles Stars plus Trees



The promotional Mini Chocolate Christmas Freckles Stars plus Trees. Available as singles or in bags of two or more with optional customisation.



Christmas means giving. Now, what could be a special treat to be shared with everybody? None other than our customised Mini Chocolate Christmas Freckles Stars plus Trees! These are perfectly created by our lovely team here at Fast Confectionery. No matter who you give them to, whether it be your current customers, patrons, or prospecting clients, these sweet and colourful guys are champs!

Our personalised Mini Chocolate Christmas Freckles Stars plus Trees are such knockouts these season. Moulded in fancy Christmas shapes make them more enticing. Packed in clear heat sealed bags, they are protected from oxygen and moisture, which makes them securely in place and their freshness contained. And the most remarkable part? You can add stickers, full-colour printed with your logo to showcase your brand name. Now, that is a tasty promotion!

These Mini Chocolate Christmas Freckles Stars plus Trees of ours will definitely make great strides for your business. With their delightful taste, kaleidoscopic hues, and fine manufacturing process, they are absolutely your very own recipe for success. For us, we believe that you don’t ever have to settle for anything less. We assure you that these gorgeous centuries-old sweets are made lusciously and with quality.

Being the season of sharing, it would be nice to add some more varieties to go alongside these colorful goodies. Have a look at our promotional Christmas Chocolates and feast your eyes with our wide range of assortment! We also have wearables awaiting for you to discover such as the promotional Premium Soft Sandwich Peak caps – head gears for you to print or embroider your logo on! They are must-haves in holding a campaign that will impress each and every one of your guests and target market.

With prime support team coupled with excellent service delivery, we are happy to turn things up a notch for you! Write to us via the chat box below or give us a call at 1300 008 300 now!



Product sizes & details

Product size: 40mm diameter
Weight: 12 grams
Premium Australian Milk chocolate with freckles

Packaging & Colours

This product comes unbranded in a clear sealed bag
Pack as a single or 2 per bag
Trees, stars or mix

Add custom printed sticker to wrapping – call us for a price


Colours and measurements shown above are an approximate guide.

Additional Information

More Information

  1. Prices are quoted in AUD and are subject to change at any time and without prior notice.
  2. Prices shown are based on the client supplying suitable print ready artwork.