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Great and lasting business relationships begin with getting to know each other. It’s through knowing each other that partnerships become much warmer. Knowing people means sharing relevant information that’s important in keeping a good relationship. So while you’re still choosing which product you would like to use for your promotional event, our team here at Fast Confectionery would like to invite you to create an account with us.

Creating an account makes things much more convenient for you as our customer. By doing so, we are able to keep a good profile about your business. We would also be able to make a good record of your purchases, which makes it a lot easier to make a transaction each and every single time. There is always something to go back to when you are about to make decisions with regards to purchasing.

Let’s say you are thinking about giving away Branded Chocolates this year and you want things to be different from what you did the past years. You go and open your account and you see that you’ve always been giving away custom Bonbons and promotional Chocolate Coins. Seeing your history, you’re now thinking of giving away products from our custom Savoury line so things will become a lot more surprising and different this time around.

So go on ahead and start making that account. Let us get to know you a lot more. All you need to get things started is to provide us with a username and an email address, and just fill out the necessary information about yourself. Make sure to have a secure password so you can always keep your transactions with us secure.

If you need help with regards to making an account, you can ask for assistance from one of our friendly customer service staff. Just dial 1300 008 300, or send us a message through this site’s live chat application.