Promotional Confectionery Acrylic Dollar Sign Gift Ideas

Our custom promotional Acrylic Dollar Sign confectionery items is a great presentation option. The ideal choice of candy that you’ll be using as your corporate giveaway. This cool way of packaging will certainly add impact to your gift and make them more impressive and memorable. Also, you can add your design right at the front so you can promote your brand while you give away delicious delights.

The promotional Acrylic Dollar Sign lolly gift is a see-through acrylic casing that’s a serious eye-catcher. When you make this your packaging for your confectionery giveaway, you can bet people will be talking about your company. They’ll be talking about two things: how delicious the candies are, and how cool you’ve managed to package them. Now that’s a great way to create a buzz about your business.

The promotional Acrylic Dollar Sign is also great to take to conventions and trade shows. Just leave them at your kiosk and you’ll easily catch attention. You can give them out to people walking by your area, and with your logo right at the front, you will definitely make a great introduction to your potential clients.

Be sure to let us know what type of candy you’d like them to go with. We have a wide range of choices. If you like to give out jelly beans, the promotional Jelly Beans Acrylic Dollar Sign is a great idea, especially if you fill them with green jelly beans. Or for a chocolate giveaway, the customised M&M Acrylic Dollar Sign is a sure winner. You can also go for mints like the branded Mints Acrylic Dollar Sign.

If you’d like us to help you with choosing a product, let us know by shooting us a message through our chat application. Or you can also give us a call through our hotline: 1300 008 300. Our Customer Happiness Team are always ready to help you.