Promotional Lollies Soda Bottles Are Ideal Corporate Gifts

Package your promotional confectionery with custom soda bottles loaded with lollies or chocolates and wow your recipients with this cool presentation. Our branded promotinoal lollies soda bottles can be decorated with your custom design so your brand can have impact and recognition at you next marketing campaign.

You can use them on your next trade show. Fill them with your confectionary of choice and place your logo. Give them away to attendees and your company will definitely leave a mark on every recipient. For your upcoming employee recognition night, have your employees’ names on the bottles and fill them with each person’s favourite treat. Your staff will surely be touched to receive a more personalised gift. For upcoming events, you can wow your clients and suppliers with a special novel greeting design.

You can keep using the confectionery soda bottles for other purposes aside from branded confectionery. Use them to keep other small items. Or you can also use them to hold liquids and stow them on your shelf as a feature.

These promotional confectionery soda bottles can easily fit on any space and can even serve as an ornament to decorate your table tops. Because you don’t have to throw them away, you’re doing mother nature a favor by not leaving any ecological footprint.

Custom Soda Bottles with promotional lollies. Yum!

They are great for packaging M&Ms. Check out the custom M&Ms Soda bottle. The promotional M&Ms will easily slide through the neck and into your palm for convenient dispensing. They’re also great for branded jelly beans and giveaway mints. Just have a look at the personalised Jelly Beans Soda bottle and the customised Mints Soda Bottle for some other neat ideas.

We can tailor our products to fit any special needs that you may have. You can call us via 1300 008 300, or reach us by live chat. We have our friendly customer service representatives ready to help you out so don’t hesitate to call. We are committed to making your promotion a huge success.