Looking for Promotional Lollies Cardboard Boxes filled with sweets? If you would like to be friendly to the environment, yet need a cost effective confectionery packaging that will promote your brand, this is the one! Being plastic free, we highly recommend the promotional cardboard boxes filled with lollies. Customised cardboard boxes with sweets inside are great packaging solution when your are looking for a promotional plastic free option.

Have your logo and special message on the decorated sweet boxes and impress your clients with your branded candy goodies. Design a marketing message or holiday greeting along with your logo. Trade Shows are a perfect place to give them away, your recipients will certainly appreciate the gesture. Alternatively, you can simply put your company logo and introduce your brand to a new market for that upcoming product launch.

Imagine how impressed your suppliers will be when they receive your corporate confectionery gift with a message of thanks. Perhaps even for that company dinner and your staff receives your your sweet gifts with your brand on them. We guarantee that everyone will appreciate the level your company is going to and will definitely leave a lasting impact.

These Promotional Lollies Cardboard Boxes filled with confectionery or  chocolates are also easy to open. Once open they are also easily closed to place back into a bag without spilling. Another wonderful thing about these boxes is that they’re plastic free and can be recycled. A win for mother nature too.

Promotional Lollies Cardboard Boxes filled with confectionery and chocolates

Custom printed cardboard boxes with your choice of beautiful confectionery can be filled with many types of lollies like jelly beans, chocolate beans, and even M&Ms. Take a look at the promotional Mints Flip Lid Cardboard Box, or the custom Skittles Flip Lid Cardboard Box.

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