Looking for custom presentation packaging for your promotional confectionery? A lot of people would say that what’s more important is the product itself, and not the packaging.

Additionally, there is a reason why presentation packaging is part of the marketing mix – it is that important. It is what people see first before the product. Good, personalised confectionery presentation and lolly packaging speaks a lot about you. It speaks of your professionalism and attention to detail. If the product inside the sweets packaging is equally or exceedingly good, then you have won your customer.

Custom Presentation Packaging plus so much more

Moreover, here at Fast Confectionery, we believe in the importance of your confectionery presentation packaging. We believe that it is the key to getting your message across in a unique way. That’s why we’ve put together a wide range of packaging options for your custom confectionery or personalised savoury promotional giveaways. Choose from a variety of lolly jars, mint cubes, sweets tins, custom noodle boxes, chocolate filled tubes, branded confectionery bottles, personalised and bucket dispensers, and more.

Here’s a marketing tip: choose the personalised confectionery packaging that can be reused or repurposed. Make it too beautiful to throw away. Long after the sweet treats are gone, your packaging (and branding!) will remain. That’s free advertising mileage for you!

Furthermore, there are many ways of branding these packaging choices. Choose from full colour stickers or pad printing. How about foil printing, engraving or single colour printing. Ask us about special moulds and more. On certain confectionery items, your branding or advertising message can be printed or embossed directly on the product itself. Some items can be specially and individually wrapped. To further personalise the presentation of your promotional gifts, the colours of the lollies can even be customised to closely match your corporate colours. Whichever way you want to personalise your giveaways, we have a lot of options for you.

Lastly, let us help you get that special effect to wow clients and help uplift the spirit of your brand. Browse our website for all the presentation & packaging choices. Or better yet, reach out to us on 1300 008 300. We’d love to talk to you about giving you the best packaging options available.

  • Acrylic Stars

    Acrylic Stars (1)

    Need promotional confectionery Acrylic Stars? Cute little acrylic shapes you can take to your next event or launch. Consider matching them with our promotional Acrylic Trees. These acrylic lolly containers are sure to make your gifts a lot more impressive with their cool star design. They are great products all year round, not just for Christmas. Once you personalise  them…
  • Cardboard Boxes

    Cardboard Boxes (7)

    Looking for custom cardboard box stuffed with lollies and sweets? If you would like to be friendly to the environment, yet need a cost effective confectionery packaging that will promote your brand, this is the one! Being plastic free, we highly recommend the promotional cardboard boxes filled with lollies. Customised cardboard boxes with sweets inside are great packaging solution when…
  • Coffee Cups

    Coffee Cups (6)

    Looking for custom branded Coffee Cups packed with lollies or chocolates?Coffee and Sweets go hand in hand right? Present your corporate confectionery in a really cool and interesting way with our customised coffee cups. They can be branded multiple ways and filled with your choice of sweets or chocolates, an ideal give away for your next event. Additionally, you can…
  • Light Bulb

    Light Bulb (7)

    Looking to order the custom promotional lolly light bulb? The ideal  confectionery light bulb that are super by design and smart yet affordable? Need to provide the ideal custom chewy fruit light bulb that are perfect given the prominent branding area as gifts to give your customers? What about for your team and staff? Glad you’ve found us. We have…
  • Syringes

    Syringes (7)

    Are you in the health care industry and looking for a cool promotional confectionery packaging? Our syringes are the perfect item for your next event, plus they are smart and affordable. What about a gift for your health care team or staff? Glad you’ve found us. We have a friendly customer service team ready to help you. At Fast Confectionery…
  • Acrylic Carry Cases

    Acrylic Carry Cases (8)

    Looking for custom confectionery acrylic carry cases? If there are two things that make a great confectionery giveaway, it would be the candy and the packaging. While you’re looking at all of our great and tasty confectioneries, a great eye-catching packaging would definitely add to the wow factor of your gifts. This time, we’d like you to have a look…
  • Acrylic Dollar Sign

    Acrylic Dollar Sign (7)

    Our custom promotional Acrylic Dollar Sign confectionery items is a great presentation option. The ideal choice of candy that you’ll be using as your corporate giveaway. This cool way of packaging will certainly add impact to your gift and make them more impressive and memorable. Also, you can add your design right at the front so you can promote your…
  • Acrylic Hearts

    Acrylic Hearts (14)

    Looking for custom confectionery acrylic hearts? Make your corporate giveaways a lot more heart-warming by packaging them with our personalised confectionery Acrylic Hearts. These heart shaped confectionery containers are a great way to present your promotional candies not just on Valentine’s day, but during any season all year long. Just add your custom design and you have an eye-catching advertising…
  • Acrylic Trees

    Acrylic Trees (3)

    Need custom confectionery Acrylic Hearts? Little beauties that you’ll be taking to your next marketing campaign, consider packing them with our promotional Acrylic Trees. These acrylic candy containers are sure to make your gifts a lot more impressive with their well-thought of clever tree design. They are great products all year round. And once you personalise all of them, they’re…
  • Bucket Dispensers

    Bucket Dispensers (46)

    Looking for confectionery bucket dispensers as gifts? Now that you’ve chosen which promotional lollies you want for your next event, it’s time to give them the great packaging and presentation they deserve. We have a super selection of customised chocolate bucket dispensers that can also host your lollies and your brand as you give them away at your next event.…
  • Canister Range

    Canister Range (39)

    Need sweet confectionery from our custom canister range? Promotional lolly presentation and custom chocolate packaging is but half the promotion. So now that you’ve selected which branded candies will go for your event, it’s time to pick them a packaging that will entice your recipients. We have a good selection from our custom confectionery canister range. Your edible marketing gifts…
  • Cellophane Bags

    Cellophane Bags (86)

    Need custom confectionery cellophane bags filled with lollies? Packaging of your promotional lollies is half the success. Your packaging is where you usually stick your brand, and also how your delicious edible products will be presented. There are many ways to package your product. And if you want a no frills, cost effective packaging that’s just outright to do the…
  • Champagne Bottles

    Champagne Bottles (5)

    Looking for custom confectionery champagne bottles? If you want to package your chocolates in a way that would exude a little more elegance, then package them in our cool looking custom champagne bottles. Our promotional champagne bottles loaded with chocolates are a great way to show off your promotional giveaways to your clients when you want to have that extra…
  • Cubes

    Cubes (31)

    If you want great packaging and presentation for your branded lollies and also want it to be a smart storage solution, then consider custom cubes filled with mouth-watering promotional chocolates or marketing sweets. Cubes are great, cost saving, and a space efficient way to package your edible treats while also making your brand more memorable to the market. Because of…
  • Jars

    Jars (63)

    Present your lollies with our popular range of custom confectionery jars and impress your recipients with your branding. Promotional lolly jars have always been a classic way to store and present confectionery gifts, and what’s also great about them is they’re very cost effective. They come in all shapes and sizes and should fit your lollies and chocolates really well.…
  • Noodle Boxes

    Noodle Boxes (40)

    Looking for custom noodle boxes filled with lollies and sweets? If you need an effective presentation that will easily get your brand across without having to spend too much, then we highly recommend the custom promotional noodle boxes jam packed with lollies. Customised noodle boxes with sweets inside are great packaging solution when you’re a little budget conscious but still…
  • Paint Tins

    Paint Tins (8)

    Your promotional confectionery packaging is the first thing that your recipients will see when you give them your edible gifts. It’s what they will experience prior to eating your goodies, so it’s important that your branded lolly packaging be something that will give a great impression. Consider the idea of customised paint tins filled with lollies. This clever packaging option…
  • Pull Cans

    Pull Cans (6)

    Looking for custom pull cans full of confectionery & promotional lollies?Present your promotional confectionery in a more interesting way with our custom lolly cans. These branded filled sweets pull cans are great for packaging and storing your candies and can be easily branded with your company design. Additionally, you can have your design at the sides of the can and…
  • Soda Bottles

    Soda Bottles (8)

    Package your promotional confectionery with custom soda bottles loaded with lollies or chocolates and wow your recipients with this cool presentation. Our branded lolly soda bottles can be decorated with your custom design so your brand can have impact and recognition at you next marketing campaign. You can use them on your next trade show. Fill them with your confectionary…
  • Tins

    Tins (42)

    Package your custom confectionery with promotional tins and take advantage of the variety and flexibility of our edible gift presentation options. We have many kinds of lolly advertising tins that can hold your custom candies for your next promotion. Customised tins of sweet giveaways come in all forms, shapes and sizes. It’s really up to you to choose the ones…
  • Tubes

    Tubes (29)

    If you want a simple custom packaging idea for your promotional confectionery of choice that easily fits any budget, then consider customised lolly tubes. Tubes branded with your logo and filled with an array of sweets are really fun. You can hand them around anytime, anywhere. Slip them inside your pocket or your purse and be on the go. If…
  • Zip Lock Bags

    Zip Lock Bags (6)

    Looking for Zip lock bags full of custom lollies or sweets? There’s no better way to keep your confectionery gifts fresh while being easily accessible than by using confectionery Zip Lock Bags. If you’re in need of a packaging solution that’s cost effective and conveniently resealable, promotional confectionery Bags would definitely be the best option. They are simple to use,…