Present your lollies with our popular range of custom confectionery jars and impress your recipients with your branding. Promotional lolly jars have always been a classic way to store and present confectionery gifts, and what’s also great about them is they’re very cost effective. They come in all shapes and sizes and should fit your lollies and chocolates really well.

Another great thing about branded lolly jars is that they have an extended life. They can be reused and re-purposed after hosting your delicious confectionery gifts. That way, you won’t have to throw them away. Use them for another batch of gift candy or other small items like personal trinkets, paper clips, cotton balls, and even keys. They also make great medicine boxes.

These promotional chocolate jars are also very easy to store. They should fit on any corner, shelf, cupboard, or table top very nicely. They can be visually obscure or flaunt them, depending on how you want it to look. You can hide them behind other objects or use them as ornaments to add accent your work space.

Have your design on the jars and you’ll have an impressive promotional product presentation. Your recipients will easily be wowed when they see your personalised message on these lovely edible custom chocolate jars.

Custom Jars Filled with Promotional Lollies

Jars are great for storing lollies and chewy fruits. Do check out the branded Boiled Lollies in Large Apothecary Jar and customised Big Chewy Mints in Large Apothecary Jar for some neat examples.

Jazz up your advertising with our lineup of customizable jars. These creative ways to present your confectioneries will make your marketing one of a kind.

We’ll be happy to hear from you to discuss your requirements so you can have the best presentation at your upcoming promotion. Our website has a live chat feature so do hit us up. Or if you prefer to call, just dial 1300 008 300 and one of our Customer Happiness Team will be able to help you out.