Promotional Lollies Acrylic Hearts As Gift Ideas

Looking for custom Promotional Lollies Acrylic Hearts? Make your corporate giveaways a lot more heart-warming by packaging them with our personalised confectionery Acrylic Hearts. These heart shaped confectionery containers are a great way to present your promotional candies not just on Valentine’s day, but during any season all year long. Just add your custom design and you have an eye-catching advertising tool that will have your company brand talked about and spread your name across the market.

These custom Promotional Lollies Acrylic Hearts packaging option are made to be see-through so they can showcase the candies inside. It’s always good to have a preview of what kind of treats you’re giving away to preempt a little more excitement. People’s mouths will start watering once they get a glance of the shiny M&Ms inside. The Acrylic hearts can even raise the Christmas spirit once people see the shiny green and red foil wrapping for your chocolates inside. Promotional Lollies Acrylic Hearts

Make sure to add your branding before you give it away. Typical printed sticker is 75mm in width and 44mm in height. Make sure to visit each product page to check the exact dimensions. You can have the logo of your company printed, or you can also have a personal theme for each occasion.

A great example for packaging choc beans using Acrylic Hearts is the promotional Choc Beans Acrylic Heart Shape. Or if you plan on giving away confectioneries for Christmas, you should definitely check out the custom Christmas Chocolates Acrylic Heart Shape as well. How about M&Ms? The custom promotional M&Ms Acrylic Heart Shape is always a winning idea.

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