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Sometimes words are just not enough to express your idea. And for the things that words just can’t convey, it’s art that will speak your message. Art has always been a powerful tool to get ideas across. It can arouse the imagination and invigorate the heart. It speaks a universal language that knows no barriers. It can inspire, it can move, and it can influence. Now, when your artwork is applied to personalised confectionery it takes this to completely delicious level.

Your artwork can say so much about your company on your marketing campaign. Let your artwork speak your message for you. Beyond your words, your artwork will speak about your company, your values, what you stand for, and what you’re promoting. Art can build an instant connection between you and your customers, which opens doors for a warm relationship. So if you’re gifting customised chocolate or promotional lollies this giving season then we’d better get your artwork bang on target so it looks really special.

So while your chosen confectioneries will surely be enjoyed by your customers for their delectable taste, your artwork is the one that will be making the first impression. It’ll be their first contact with your brand which will spark interest and really make your decorated confectionery take the party to an entirely new level.

The artwork that will adorn your mouth-watering sweets can use your company logo. Attaching your logo to your edible gifts will give them your name and identity right at the first bite. It will say who it’s coming from and will leave your name with much recall after the very last lick. You can also attach a holiday design if that’s your event timing. Holiday designs make your gifts celebratory. Personalised Christmas lollies or customised Easter chocolates makes them much more exciting as your gifts become at one with the holiday spirit. Another great idea you can use is corporate branding artwork. These are custom graphics that give your brand a certain feel and abstract association which will give your company a unique identity wrapped around your edible treats.

Make sure to check out the guidelines for submitting your artwork. If you have any questions or you need help, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Our customer service staff are on standby ready to help you out. Call us through our hotline, 1300 008 300, or send a message through that chat box.

If you’d like to get a custom quote from our team then please simply click here.

Please provide your artwork in one of the formats below:

1. eps, Adobe Illustrator files or hi resolution, print ready pdfs are the preferred file type with images embedded (or provided separately) and the text as outlines. Please indicate any Pantone PMS spot colours or if your branding is CMYK please ensure the file has sufficient bleed and crop marks.

2. Jpegs, png, tiff, BMP files at 300dpi are acceptable but must be twice to three times the size of the final print size required.

3. Microsoft Word documents in most cases are not acceptable as artwork.

If you don’t have your branding or logo in a useable file format we can help you convert any file you do have in to a printable format. Please contact us today for more information and advice.

As part of the setup we will send you a digital proof to make sure your expectations are met before printing.