Custom Product Request

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While our website has the tools that conveniently allows you to get an automated draft of your chosen product in the form of a quote, sometimes there are just special requests and requirements that demand more flexible options to cater to your needs. For those type of instances, we do offer special custom quotes to accommodate those requests.

We are open to special negotiations with regards to our products and services. If you feel that our site’s templates are not directly in tangent with your specifications, or perhaps our online offers do not well represent what you have in mind, you may speak to us directly and let us know how we can meet your specific requirements and preferences.

Perhaps you want to order our custom bulk confectionery and you have a specific weight requirement that’s above the minimum but not in the drop down menu, you can let us know and we’ll gladly adjust for you.

Maybe you’d like to have the dimensions of the printable area for the branded Jelly Beans Pull Can changed to accommodate your custom design, tell us how we can fit into your specifications.

Or perhaps there’s a certain mix of flavours that you want for our promotional Chocolate Pralines that are not available in our online catalogue, do tell us how you want them and we can make them for you. We’ll make sure that we accommodate your requests while keeping our custom quotations still favourable to your marketing budget.

If you also have questions about how we would like the artwork supplied then you can also glance at our helpful information here.

You can send us an email at [email protected], or fill up that online form with your details if you’d like to have a custom quote. Or in case you want to inquire using live chat, you can simply click on that chat box on the lower right of this screen to send us a message. Likewise, you can also call us through our hotline by dialing 1300 008 300.