Looking for custom Promotional Christmas Mixed Eclairs? Christmas is never complete without candies. It’s such a joyous season candies make this season a lot sweeter. Make sure your brand is remembered this busy season by giving out something that will satisfy everyone’s sweet craving – promotional Christmas mixed eclairs. Give it as a gift to your most special clients or your hardworking employees. Christmas will surely be sweeter this year with these goodies.

Our branded Christmas mixed eclairs come in candy form – a chewy caramel treat with a gooey chocolate centre. Now, doesn’t that sound so sinful yet so delicious? It surely won’t leave you and your clients disappointed. These sweet treats are individually wrapped, which means no sticky fingers! It’s a perfect way to end a meal, a quick pick-me-upper, or simply to satisfy a craving. Giving these away as Christmas presents will definitely be well-received.

Custom Promotional Christmas Mixed Eclairs plus so much more

To make these promotional eclairs worthy of gift-giving, we have come up with different packaging options for you. You may choose to give away the personalised Christmas chocolate eclairs acrylic canister or a small bucket rather. If you want to add a little variety and flavour, the branded Christmas mixed eclairs tube packaging or large acrylic canister may be a good option. Personalise these giveaways further with a full colour sticker of your brand or logo on the packaging. To add a special touch, why not create a cheery Christmas message?

With Christmas being such a busy season, we highly encourage you to place your orders way ahead of the holiday rush. We want to serve you the best way we can so to ensure a smooth and timely delivery, advanced orders are very much appreciated?

Let’s get your personalised Christmas mixed eclairs out the door, shall we? Order through our website website or give us a call on 1300 008 300. We look forward to serving you this holiday season!

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