Promotional Confectionery Tubes Make Ideal Corporate Gifts

If you want a simple custom packaging idea for your promotional confectionery of choice that easily fits any budget, then consider customised lolly tubes.

Promotional Confectionery Tubes branded with your logo and filled with an array of sweets are really fun. You can hand them around anytime, anywhere. Slip them inside your pocket or your purse and be on the go. If you want to store them, simply drop them into your office drawer or car compartment and they should be nicely stowed. It will also keep your personalised chocolates or lollies fresh too.

Customised candy in tubes make great corporate giveaways. You can personalise them to have your special greetings for every occasion. For the upcoming trade show, brand them with your company logo and make a good introduction to participants. You can also put a special message in them and give them away to your suppliers and clients as a way to say thanks. With your design on the promotional lolly packs, your company brand will definitely get the great exposure and recognition at your next promotion.

Custom Confectionery Tubes with lollies & sweets

You can choose from among three different promotional confectionery  tubes shapes. There’s the test tube style, rolls, or just plain. For instance. please feel free to check out the personalised Jelly Beans in Tube, Branded Fizz Rolls, and the giveaway Choc Beans in Tube to get ideas on how you can package your custom confectionery gifts. We guarantee that your recipients will be highly impressed when they receive your giveaways.

If you want to maximise the potential of your custom sweets and candy promotion, talk to us and we can make the necessary arrangements to fit your needs.

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