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  • Chewy Fruits Large Cube

    Chewy Fruits Large Cube

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  • Chewy Fruits Small Cube

    Chewy Fruits Small Cube

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  • Choc Beans Large Cube

    Choc Beans Large Cube

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  • Choc Beans Small Cube

    Choc Beans Small Cube

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  • Jelly Beans 60g Hard Acrylic Cube

    Jelly Beans 60g Hard Acrylic Cube

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  • Jelly Beans Large Cube

    Jelly Beans Large Cube

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  • Jelly Beans Small Cube

    Jelly Beans Small Cube

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  • Lindor Balls Large Cube

    Lindor Balls Large Cube

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  • M&Ms Large Cube

    M&Ms Large Cube

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  • M&Ms Small Cube

    M&Ms Small Cube

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  • Mints Large Cube

    Mints Large Cube

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  • Mints Small Cube

    Mints Small Cube

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If you want great packaging and presentation for your branded lollies and also want it to be a smart storage solution, then consider custom cubes filled with mouth-watering promotional chocolates or marketing sweets. Cubes are great, cost saving, and a space efficient way to package your edible treats while also making your brand more memorable to the market.

Because of the shape of branded confectionery cubes, they’re easy to store as they utilize every inch of usable space. Also, since they have regular and equal dimensions, they’re easily stack-able on each other. Stack the chocolate cubes in columns, or have them side by side in rows. You can also do both at the same time. However you want to store them, they should easily fit well together in any given space.

Putting your brand them is also very effective for exposure since all sides are facing sides. You can put your brand on one side, and even on all sides for maximum exposure. They’re great for promoting your company at the next convention, or maybe as gifts for the coming conference. You can also use them as edible giveaways to your clients or to your employees at your next company event. Your design on the personalised lolly cubes will definitely impress your recipients.

Check out the branded Choc Beans in Large Cubes, custom Jelly Bean in Large Cube, and promotional M&Ms in Small Cubes.

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