Looking for custom printed Smarties? Leverage your brand with something that’s already popular with our delicious treats. Smarties have been one of the most popular candy coated chocolate goodies for ages, and now you can make that popularity work for you with this superb promotional product.

The custom printed smarties stays true to all that smarties goodness while giving you the marketing advantage to take your brand to the next level.

Moreover, now imagine your company logo or design printed right on the candy coating and also on the packaging. Imagine hosting a company sponsored event like a charity ball, convention, or gala. Everyone is all excited and dressed up for the occasion. Right when they walk inside the door, they get a bag of their favourite candy coated personalised chocolate treats. They read the label and it’s your company brand. They open the package and yet your brand is also all over every smarty inside. Now how cool is that? Your brand is definitely going to make a lasting impression with every recipient.

Custom Printed Smarties plus so much more

You can have the branded custom printed smarties in different sizes. For instance, we have the Custom Printed Smarties 100 gram bag if you want to maximize the amount on smarties per pack.

You simply can’t beat the promotional chocolate Smarties in terms of value for money. It’s a very cost effective way to promote your brand. With the advertising custom promotional chocolates, your promotion will certainly leave a lasting impact.

Our branded custom printed Smarties are sure to put your brand in living colour! These confectioneries are also great for your family parties as well as office giveaways.

You can talk to us if you want to make special arrangements or if you have any questions that you’d like us to help you out with. We can be reached via 1300 008 300 and through live chat on our website. We’re excited to hear from you.