M&Ms Small Apothecary Jar

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You can’t beat M&Ms and what a great way to present them in this 115g personalised M&M’s Small Apothecary Jar complete with your company logo.

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115g of Mini M&Ms in Small Apothecary Jar


Height – 110mm, Diameter – 60mm

Mini M&Ms Ingredients

Milk Chocolate 75% (Sugar, Cocoa Mass, Milk Powder, Cocoa Butter, Lactose, Vegetable Fat (Palm & Shea), Milk Fat, Emulsifier (Soy Lecithin), Salt, Artificial Flavour (Ethyl Vanillin), Sugar, Wheat Starch, Wheat Glucose Syrup, Colours (Titanium Dioxide, Allura Red AC, Tartrazine, Sunset Yellow FCF, Brilliant Blue FCF), Vegetable Gum (Gum Acacia), Thickener (Dextrin).

Milk Chocolate Contains A Min. of 29% Cocoa Solids And 22% Milk Solids.

May Contain Peanuts and Tree Nuts

Best Before: 12 months


Sticker : Full Colour Sticker

Sticker Size : 45mm Diameter


Min Quantity: 100 units

Packing Information - This information is an estimate and can vary

Units in Box: 35 units

Box Size: 580x390x260mm  (for freight purposes a CUBIC weight of 15kg per carton will be applied. If using your own freight company please check details)

Box Weight (approx.): 11kg


Colours and measurements shown above are an approximate guide.

The branded M&Ms Small Apothecary Jar is a fantastic promotional product that will do wonders for your marketing. With delicious M&Ms inside, the apothecary jars will definitely add an extra punch by giving these famous chocolates a beautiful presentation.  Perfect for gifting them at your promotional campaigns.

Looking at the custom M&Ms Small Apothecary Jar should already raise excitement. Its aesthetic design makes it a total eye-catcher. And when it’s filled with glossy multi-coloured chocolates, it’s definitely something that would attract attention even when placed in a very crowded room.

The M&Ms Small Apothecary Jar is stuffed with 115 gram of M&Ms. It stands at 110mm in height, and is 60mm wide. That’s a good size to hold other things aside from M&Ms when all the candies have been consumed. You can also use it to hold personal trinkets or any other small items that you’d find it useful for.

For branding the M&Ms Small Apothecary Jar with your own design, there’s a printable sticker that’s 38mm in diameter that will be placed on the body. Print your logo and some contact information. And when you gift the promotional M&Ms Small Apothecary Jar at your events, your brand is sure to have a strong recall.

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Add a colourful touch to your meetings with our custom M&M’s Small Apothecary Jar. These confectioneries are excellent gifts for your team and colleagues!

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Do you have any sweet questions? We have our friendly sales team ready to take your calls. Just dial our hotline 1300 008 300 or shoot us a message through that chat box on your screen. We’re excited to hear from you and work on your next promotion pronto.

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