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Cellophane Bags

Choc Orange Drops 25 Gram Bag



The promotional Choc Orange Drops 25 Gram Bag feature Jaffa-like chocolate balls which will be gobbled up quicker than you can give them out.


It’s every year that you have to keep yourself ahead of the competition. And to that, you always have to come up with fresh new marketing runs that will keep you on top. And for your next marketing run, we’d like to bring you the personalised Choc Orange Drops 25 gram Bag. This simple marketing product will keep your corporate image up there using delicious promotional confectioneries. Plus, you get to stamp the packaging with your branding which will definitely increase your brand recall.

Take a look at the promotional Choc Orange Drops 25 gram Bag and it’ll surely grab your curiosity. The deep orange hue of each ball is just very attractive and will entice anyone to have a taste. And once you’ve opened a bag, you’ll find yourself reaching for another one for a few more bites.

To maximise your brand exposure, you can stamp your company logo directly on each bag. Or if you are thinking of stamping something else for your branding, how about your trademarks or any custom design? Any custom graphic that will remind your recipients of your company will keep a positive association for your brand.

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Product sizes & details

Product size: 85mm(w) x 65mm(h)

Product weight: 25 grams

Printable Area

Sticker: 50mm(w) x 40mm(h)

Packaging & Colours

Clear Cello Bag with Full Colour Sticker

Colours and measurements shown above are an approximate guide.

Additional Information

More Information

  1. Prices are quoted in AUD and are subject to change at any time and without prior notice.
  2. Prices shown are based on the client supplying suitable print ready artwork.