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Lindor Balls Big Bucket



The customised Lindor Balls Big Bucket with your business branding will certainly turn heads and keep you top of mind.


In the world of Chocolates, Lindt has always been at the top of the echelon. Reputed for its fine taste and top quality, Lindt is well appreciated by both casual chocolate fans and connoisseurs alike. And with the promotional Lindor Balls Big Bucket, we’re giving you all the magic of Lindt for your next marketing campaign.

We’ve packed delicious Lindor balls inside this neat looking bucket. The bucket is 110mm in diameter and 135mm in height. Since the bucket is also transparent, the Lindt balls inside can be clearly seen, which gives a little more excitement about the contents. You can choose which flavours you can stuff inside each bucket. Each flavour has its own colour of wrapper. Red wrappers contain milk chocolates, blue wrappers contain dark chocolates, white wrappers contain white chocolates, and black wrappers contain a mix of 60% dark chocolates.

You can customise the Lindor Balls Big Bucket to brand them your own for your upcoming promotion. We suggest giving it your corporate logo or any custom design. This would give your brand good exposure and recall as you give them away during your events. Your design will be printed on a full colour sticker that we’ll place on the side (75mmW x 51mmH) or on the lid (69mmD).

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One cannot get enough of our custom Lindor Balls Big Bucket! These delicious confectioneries are great additions to your parties and events!

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When you’re ready to place your order, or if you have some things that you want to clarify with us, we encourage you to reach out to our customer service team. There’s a chat box on this screen that you can use, or if you prefer to call, we have a hotline number: 1300 008 300.


Product sizes & details

Product size: 110mm(w) x 125mm(h)

Each bucket contains 30 Lindt Lindor Balls. Your choice of Red (Milk Choc), Blue (Dark Choc), White (White Choc), Black (60% Dark Choc).

Packaging & Colours

PVC Bucket with Full Colour Sticker

As shown

Colours and measurements shown above are an approximate guide.

Additional Information

More Information

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