M&Ms Tube

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M&Ms speak for themselves, as will the personalised M&Ms Tube when you brand it. Shop now.

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PET Tube filled with Mini M&Ms 100g

Mixed Colour M&Ms only available


85mmH x 45mm Diameter

M&Ms Ingredients

Milk Chocolate 75% (Sugar, Cocoa Mass, Milk Powder, Cocoa Butter, Lactose, Vegetable Fat (Palm & Shea), Milk Fat, Emulsifier (Soy Lecithin), Salt, Artificial Flavour (Ethyl Vanillin), Sugar, Wheat Starch, Wheat Glucose Syrup, Colours (Titanium Dioxide, Allura Red AC, Tartrazine, Sunset Yellow FCF, Brilliant Blue FCF), Vegetable Gum (Gum Acacia), Thickener (Dextrin).

Milk Chocolate Contains A Min. of 29% Cocoa Solids And 22% Milk Solids.

May Contain Peanuts and Tree Nuts

Best Before: 12 months


Full Colour Sticker

Sticker Size: 38mm Diameter


Min Quantity: 100 units

Packing Information - This information is an estimate and can vary

Units in Box: 50 units

Box Size: 450x330x160mm WINTER months (for freight purposes a CUBIC weight of 6kg per carton will be applied. If using your own freight company please check details)

Box Size: 580x390x260mm SUMMER months  (for freight purposes a CUBIC weight of 15kg per carton will be applied. If using your own freight company please check details)

Box Weight (approx.): 5kg

Colours and measurements shown above are an approximate guide.

The timeless button shape of an M&M chocolate is always a fond memory to look back to for those who have adored it from childhood and well into adulthood as well. Our customised M&Ms Tube is a delightful way of giving back a pocket sized piece of your childhood as a gift. Your colleagues and clients will appreciate this gesture and will surely remember how thoughtful your company was for giving such a nice treat.

The promotional M&Ms Tube has an approximate weight of 100 grams worth of candy. The contents are packed in a clear PET tube which comes with a removable lid. The size of the tube is 45 mm in width and 85 mm in height, convenient for those who would like a quick and sweet snack during the day.

With this packaging option the M&M candies only come in its original mixed colour variant, and are only available in the plain milk chocolate flavour. The feature that makes our products distinct is that you have the option to print out your company logo on a sticker that will be placed on the lid of the tube. The sticker is printed in full colour and has a diameter of 38 mm.

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We have a dedicated hotline that you can call if you have any questions. Just dial 1300 008 300. Alternatively you can also talk to one of our customer service specialists through our live chat application which can easily be accessed on this window. Do reach out to us as we’re very excited to hear from you.

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Weight 1 kg

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