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Biz Card Treats

M&Ms Biz Card Treats



The perfect chocolate promotional gift with your business card attached. Give the delicious personalised M&Ms Biz Card Treats and you will receive.

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So you’re going to be joining that trade convention and you’re thinking of how you can stand out from the competition. You typically set up a booth and give away your business cards just like the rest of the other companies at the event. Well, this time you can be different. With the custom M&Ms Biz Card Treats, you can start making an impact the moment you hand out your business card.

Just send us your business card and we’ll do the rest. Your business card will be attached to a pack of delicious M&Ms creating the most beautiful personalised M&Ms Biz Card treats. The size of the card holder is 90mm in length, 45mm in width, and 55mm in diameter. It’s shaped like half a cylinder lengthwise, where your business card will sit right on the cover. Everyone you give out your business card to will surely be surprised to find their favourite candy confectionery attached. This will certainly make you stand out and have your brand remembered.

If you want to get creative, another great use for this promotional product is to hand them as gifts to some VIPs. Instead of attaching a formal business card, you can attach a personal message like a commendation or word of thanks. Your gift will surely be met with warm appreciation.

You can also have choc beans with your business cards as an alternative to M&Ms, as in the promotional Choc Beans Biz Card Treats. Or if you really want to take it to a higher notch, the custom Lindt Balls Biz Card Treats will definitely elevate your first impressions.

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Product sizes & details

90mm(w) x 45mm(h) x 55mm(d)

Packaging & Colours

As shown

Business card printing and/or insertion can be arranged at an extra cost.

Colours and measurements shown above are an approximate guide.

Additional Information

More Information

  1. Prices are quoted in AUD and are subject to change at any time and without prior notice.
  2. Prices shown are based on the client supplying suitable print ready artwork.