Custom personalised chocolate Bars and promotional wrapped chocolate gifts are a fantastic promotional giveaway idea for your guests, corporate clients or for advertising your next special event.

Additionally, here at Fast Confectionery we have a large selection of branded chocolate bars to choose from. The best part is you can brand the full colour chocolate wrapper. You can be as creative and customise them as much as you like. These delicious chocolates are a really classy and novel. The perfect way to thank your guests, clients, employees or suppliers.

Moreover, you can really stand out and make a big impression with these delicious promotional Lindt chocolates. We’ve got so many events covered. Personalised wedding chocolate bars or customised Bar Mitzvah chocolates. How about individual birthday chocolate bars for kids, baby shower chocolate bars, Anniversary chocolates, wedding chocolates wrapped, Engagement Chocolate giveaways and hens night chocolate treats.

What about giving these mouth-watering gifts as kitchen tea chocolate packs? How about company chocolate keepsakes or christening chocolates wrapped up?

Furthermore, what about personalised Christmas and Easter chocolates, corporate chocolate bars plus so many other ideas.

Personalised Chocolate Bars plus so much more

You can choose from a variety of presentations like the promotional Belgian Truffle 2 Pack. We can also give them in different shapes like the branded Chocolate Hearts or the custom Chocolate Medallions.

You’d also be happy to know that the personalised chocolate bars are priced very modestly. You don’t need to overspend just to have a winning celebration. You can talk to us if you have some questions or would like to discuss your requirements in detail. Call us at 1300 008 300, or you can use our website’s live chat feature by giving us a buzz.