Looking for custom Chupa Chups? Well we have them! That’s right, genuine Chupa Chups with your custom branding. Branded Lollipops make a great gift or giveaway for your next event when you have a limited budget. Take it that extra mile by using such a well known household brand. With a great range of flavours you will suit everyone’s taste.

Give away these customised Chupa Cups at your next tradeshow, product launch, conference, wedding, party, or any other event. Custom lollipops are reminiscent of our carefree and happy childhood days, and everyone will surely love to have one, especially if it’s free!

Here’s a little bit of history about branded chupa chups. The company has been around since the 1950’s. The lolly stick was originally made from wood but eventually changed over to plastic sticks. During the 1970’s the brand appeared in in many Asian countries as well as India and Australia.

Custom Chupa Chups plus so much more

We have Chupa Chups Medium Bucket where your logo can be printed onto a sticker in full colour and attached to the bucket.

If decorated branded chupa chups do not meet your requirements, we can package these into a big bucket perfect for sharing. The best thing about these containers is when all the lollies have gone, the branded containers can be reused for whatever purpose your customer desires.

These will be a constant reminder of your company who were sweet enough to provide them with such delightful treats. That’s free advertising mileage for you. Sweet!

Ready to order? Simply choose your quantity, upload your artwork and place your order here on our website. If online ordering is not your thing or you would like to talk to us about other products, call us on 1300 008 300. Our confectionery experts are waiting for your call.