Looking for custom promotional mixed nuts? Not every human being has a sweet tooth, and others have made it a lifestyle choice to stay away from sweets. Fortunately here at Fast Confectionery, we’re not just about sweets and lollies. We have personalised savoury treats as well to satisfy the needs of any discerning clientele. So for health-related events, these promotional mixed nuts will be the perfect companion and marketing giveaway.

They are tasty and addictive, so your customers will be munching on these during the entire event. With its fully branded packaging, these customised mixed nuts will give your brand a prolonged and maximum exposure.

Now here’s a nutty trivia about peanuts. Did you know that peanuts are not nuts? They’re legumes, similar to beans or peas because they grow in underground pods. Nuts grow on trees. Nutritionally, however, they’re just like other nuts. They are one of the most amazing foods on earth and should be part of everyone’s diet. Also, very low on calories and loaded with fibre.  Healthy fats that are good for the heart. They don’t have sugar, are low on carbs, and they taste divine! Nuts are just the perfect treat for the health nut.

Custom Mixed Nuts plus so many more

Our selection of personalised mixed nuts include salted mixed nuts 50 gram bag or 20 gram, salted peanuts 50 gram bag or 20 gram, fruit and nut mix 50 gram bag or 20 gram, and savoury bar mix in 50 or 20 gram bag. All are packaged in a clear cello bag with a full-colour, fully-customisable sticker of your brand, logo, or promotional message.

Top off your health-related events with these customised mixed nuts. Let’s get started on your orders, shall we? Simply place your order online or give us a ring at 1300 008 300. Wherever in Australia you are, we will deliver these straight to your doorstep.