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If you’re looking to impress your business partners, staff, and potential clients, then you just can’t go wrong with confectionery. Everybody loves sweets, and with our promotional bulk Confectionery, you can go all-out in confectionery galore for your next promotion.

It’s the perfect giveaway if you’re meaning to gift a lot of people. You get to save through volume by getting your promotional candies in large quantities.

We have loads and loads of candy types you can choose from. We have a vast assortment of hard candies like boiled lollies, lollipops, rock candies, and candy canes. We also have soft candies like jelly beans, chewy fruits, and gummy snakes.

For chocolates, we have milk chocolates, white, chocolates, and dark chocolates that can come in various shapes and sizes. We can have the chocolates in bars, beans, or in circles like chocolate coins, and even odd shaped figures like eggs, bells, and stars.

And if think you want more shapes, we can also have them in any custom shape you want. We also have popular chocolate brands in our lineup, like M&Ms. And if you want to go high end, you’ll be impressed with our selection of Lindt.

 All our branded bulk confectionery can be customised to your preference. You can have your branding printed on the packaging through a full colour sticker. Depending on the choice of confectionery, you can also choose the wrappers, colours, flavours, and shapes.

Make sure to check out the products under this category. To get a good glimpse of some of the choices, have a look at the promotional Bulk Boiled Lollies and the personalised Bulk M&Ms.

Let us know if you need assistance with choosing a product. Get in touch with us by sending us a message through our live chat application, or by dialing our hotline number: 1300 008 300.