Bulk Personalised Rock Candy

Bulk Personalised Rock Candy is a very special way to get your brand noticed. Customise rock candy with your favourite colour and flavour and really stand out.




Bulk Personalised Rock Candy, Min order 10kg

Colour of Rock Candy: Confectionery is made to order.  All colours can be attempted, PMS Colours can be used as a guide only.

Flavours: Most popular flavours are: Raspberry, Strawberry, Watermelon, Orange, Passionfruit, Lemon/Lime, Apple & Peppermint.  Many additional flavours are available.

Logo in Rock Candy: Many Logo can be reproduced in Rock Candy, confirmation on siting Logo


Colours and measurements shown above are an approximate guide.

Getting your trade name recognized isn’t a tough job with our promotional Bulk Personalised Rock Candy! They’ve got more colors than the rainbow has to offer! With your brand and these goodies together, it‚Äôs a match made in heaven!

Our customised Bulk Personalised Rock Candy is one of our best sellers. They bring the most creative concept of making a brand well-known. These striking darlings are not just lovely to look at but also entirely tasteful. Your triumph is right in the bag! Our team at Fast Confectionery are dedicated to furnishing you with the finest treats you could ever ask for.

These multi-coloured sugars are perfect for any type of gathering. Whether for a huge trade show or small corporate event, it will positively be a champ. We are also sure that these will entice your guests to ask for more. Put them in candy bowls or dispensers, and they are the best for sharing! With the sweetness of these brilliant creations, you can never go wrong. So let us provide you with crafts beyond imagination!

Because of their vibrant hues, these candies are difficult to be overlooked. What’s great about them is that you can add your name or your logo on each of these tasty delights! You even have the option to choose colors that would match your logo, theme or motif! Having them in bulk doesn’t mean you can’t have them personalised. We are going to produce all these for you with perfection and timeliness. That’s our commitment!

We offer a wide array of delicious flavoured products so you have the freedom to indulge. For more bulk selections for different occasions, take a look at our personalised Bulk Mini Solid Easter Eggs which are best for egg hunts this coming Easter, and the classic promotional Bulk Christmas Chocolate Bells – excellent for yuletide!

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Get in touch with us at 1300 008 300 and let’s get the job rolling for you!

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