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If you want a to have a great marketing product for your next promotion, then have a look at our wide selection of branded Chocolate Beans. Popularised by Smarties which they are similar to, these promotional Chocolate Beans have always been a classic favourite. Brand your company with something people already love and you’re definitely going to get huge leverage at your next promotion.

The personalized Chocolate Beans come in a wide assortment of colours which just look really fun. We also give you great packaging options that should suit your style. From bottles, jars, pillows, buckets, business card boxes, to bags, there’s definitely something for every occasion. If you think the personalised Chocolate Beans look good, wait until you get to taste them and you’ll see why they’ve always been a popular choice.

One of our best sellers for our branded Chocolate Beans is the promotional Chocolate Beans Acrylic Dollar Sign which is always great for corporate giveaways. For the medical industry (in particular heart health related promotions) we have the Choc Beans Acrylic Heart Shape. Whatever the occasion is, we’re sure to have something for you.

Another important fact we’d like you to know is that all of our products come at very affordable packages. That’s right! You’ll be getting a great promotional chocolate product without having to go overboard with you budget. And we will always deliver our products with the best quality that will never disappoint.

With your design on the advertising Chocolate Beans, your company is definitely going to make a lasting statement for your next promotion.

Spread some cheer with our branded Chocolate Beans. These ready-packed and easy to customize confectioneries are excellent choices for your advertising giveaways.

If you need you talk to us, our friendly customer service representatives are more than glad to attend to you. Just give us a wink and nod and we can connect on live chat on our website. If you prefer to do voice calls, simply dial 1300 008 300. We’ll always be happy to help you out.