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Champagne Bottles

Choc Beans Champagne Bottle



Put your name on the label of this customised Choc Beans Champagne Bottle and hand them out to your clients.


Nothing screams celebration much like the combination of chocolates and champagne. We know that there is always a reason to celebrate with these two in mind. And, when the event calls for it, we’ve got you covered. We marry two of your favourite indulgences into one special promotional treat. Our branded Choc Beans Champagne Bottle is all you need to get the party started.

These delectable pieces contain 220 grams worth of melt-in-the-mouth chocolate covered in a crisp candy crust, packaged into tiny celebratory champagne bottles with your branding on it. It’s the perfect choice for when you’re looking for a low-cost corporate souvenir that will provide maximum brand exposure and effectiveness.

As a sweet bonus, we give you limitless possibilities for personalisation with this promotional Choc Beans Champagne Bottle. Impress your clients with light plastic champagne bottles topped in elegant silver or golden foil imprinted with your company branding—fully reminiscent of your favourite bubbly. Pop the bottle and you get endorphin-induced candy covered chocolate beans that will satisfy any sweet tooth.  The best part is, you can choose which colours they will be. Whether your company delves into a more serious monochromatic theme or an adventurous colour mix, this affordable giveaway treat is your best bet.

We can also have other confectioneries inside champagne bottles. Just take a look at the custom Chewy Fruits Champagne Bottle. Or if you like having coffee and think putting candies in coffee mugs is a great idea, then the Jelly Beans Corporate Colours Stainless Steel Mug is for you.

To even escalate your marketing promotion, how about giving your event a dose of our promotional baseball caps? Confectioneries in tandem with our personalised head wear will make each marketing event run a huge success. Perhaps hop on over to our custom Impact Cap.

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Printable Area

Sticker on Body: 90mm(w) x 60mm(h)

Packaging & Colours

As Shown

Colours and measurements shown above are an approximate guide.

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