Everybody loves chocolates and they make great promotional gifts at any season. What is good about chocolates is that there’s more than one way that they can be enjoyed. Some like to chew on them, while some like them as a beverage. For this promotional product, we bring you the personalised drinking chocolate.

They’re delicious chocolate drinks that you can use as gifts during corporate events. Simply stick your logo on the packaging and let the promotional drinking chocolate carry your branding.

Our custom drinking chocolate is made only of the finest and high-quality ingredients. Just like their chewy counterparts, we guarantee that they’re absolutely delicious and will please casual chocolate fans and self-confessed hardcore chocolate enthusiasts alike.

They’re conveniently easy to prepare. It’s up to you if you prefer your chocolate drink thick and rich, or subtle and light. Just add hot water, stir, and they’re ready to enjoy. They’re the perfect drink for those who would like a hot cup to stay warm during cold seasons, and they’re also a great alternative for those don’t drink coffee.

When you gift the promotional drinking chocolate, make sure to have your branding on the packaging to properly advertise your company. Putting your logo on this giveaway will give your brand good recall and maximise market awareness.

Custom Drinking Chocolate will surely delight

We currently have two versions of our drinking chocolate. The branded Hot Chocolate Spoon comes in a solid block form with a mixing spoon, while the custom Hot Chocolate Bag comes in powder form. Both versions are ready to consume by just mixing with hot or boiling water.

Our sales specialists can be reached through live chat in case you have questions about our product lineup. Just send us a message through that chat box and we’ll reply instantly. Or you can simply dial out hotline number at 1300 008 300.