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  • Chocolate Australia Map

    Chocolate Australia Map

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  • Chocolate CD Rom

    Chocolate CD Rom

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  • Branded Chocolate Football

    Chocolate Football

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  • Branded Chocolate Jersey

    Chocolate Jersey

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  • Chocolate Medallions

    Chocolate Medallions

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  • Chocolate Medals

    Chocolate Medals

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  • Custom foiled ingot Medium

    Custom foiled ingot Medium

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  • Marble Chocolate Biggles Bear

    Marble Chocolate Biggles Bear

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  • Milk Chocolate Biggles Bear

    Milk Chocolate Biggles Bear

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  • Mouse Dark Chocolate

    Mouse Dark Chocolate

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  • Mouse Milk Chocolate

    Mouse Milk Chocolate

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  • Mouse White Chocolate

    Mouse White Chocolate

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Impress your clients with these custom novelty chocolates. They’re great for corporate events where you want to give your attendees personalized novelty chocolate gifts that will leave a great and lasting impression about your company.

We have a great selection of delicious promotional novelty chocolates for you. These mouth-watering branded novelty chocolates come in various shapes and sizes and can be packaged with your own custom logo or design. Our giveaway chocolates are made to the highest standards and only with select ingredients so you’re always sure that you’re getting nothing but superb quality.

Surprise your recipients when you give them these delicious treats. You’ll make an impact when they see your custom design on the packaging, and even be more impressed once they take their first bite. Every piece of the low priced customised novelty chocolates is pure chocolate bliss and everyone who’s tasted them will surely be asking for more.

Check out the advertising Marble Chocolate Biggles the Bear. It’s got a cute bear shape and is one of our best sellers. You can also have this in milk chocolate version with the branded Milk Chocolate Biggles the Bear. Another cute choice under this category is the custom Scaredy the Cat Marble Chocolate which is also very popular.

You simply can’t go wrong with our budget priced custom novelty chocolates. They’re great promotional edible products at very affordable prices. Just like every product on our website, the advertising novelty chocolates are sure to deliver marketing success without the hefty price tag.

We can discuss further your requirements so you can maximize the potential of your promotion. Simply dial 1300 008 300, or click on our website’s live chat feature. We have our friendly customer service staff on standby ready to attend to you.