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Candies, specifically promotional boiled lollies, are sugary sweets that are reminiscent of one’s childhood days. It always brings a smile to people’s faces. Who wouldn’t want to get these, especially as a giveaway?

Custom boiled lollies are very affordable, all the more making them a great giveaway at parties, conferences, tradeshows, product launches, and the like. With your promotional message or company logo in its packaging, not only do you put a smile on people’s faces, you get to showcase your brand as well!

You can choose to have your personalised boiled lollies packaged in a big apothecary jar, a clear plastic bucket with tin lid, a biz card box, an acrylic canister, or a round tin with an acrylic see-through window. Better yet, you can get your branded boiled lollies in bulk. Much more boiled lollies, the merrier! Whatever packaging you choose, we can put your brand on all the containers.

One good thing about these promotional boiled lollies is that when the customer finishes the candies, the packaging can be reused as they are too nice to throw away. Whatever purpose they use it for, your brand will always be on that container. Not only are you able to make them feel happy with free boiled lollies, your brand will remain visible long after they finish those sugary goodness treats. You will always be remembered as the company who spread the joy by giving away sugary treats. How’s that for extra advertising at no additional cost?

We have made the ordering process simple. Just place an order here, provide us with the design of your logo or promotional message, and we’ll handle everything from here.

Your custom boiled lollies will be delivered straight to your doorstep. What are you waiting for? Get those delicious sweet treats to your customers and spread the joy around. Call us today on 1300 008 300 for a friendly chat and a quote.