Looking for custom lolly milk bottles? Baby bottles are not just used to carry milk, they can hold fun confectionery too! Branded milk bottles as lollies make a great giveaway for baby showers. Just imagine the look on your friends’ and families’ faces. Give them a cute giveaway with a custom message on the side of the bottle.

Additionally, not only are these great promotional items. They are the perfect giveaway for baby product launches, tradeshows, conferences, and any baby-related event. The best part? They are very pocket-friendly.

Furthermore, these cute and fun promotional milk bottles as lollies will definitely take anyone back to their happy childhood memories. A great marketing item that will be loved by everyone.

Milk bottles are symbolic of our childhood. The very first craving we had the moment we were born was milk. We had nothing else but milk. That’s why, even in candy form, milk candies are such a satisfying and joyful treat.

Custom Milk Bottles. Just one of many delicious gift ideas

Our customised Milk Bottles Baby Bottle lollies holds 30 grams of chewy, lip-smacking milk-flavoured goodies in a fun shape. Just how cute is that? No matter what form it takes, milk will always be a favourite.

Moreover, once the yummy milky treats are gone, the bottles will make a cute container. Store your thumb tacks, pins, paper clips, cotton balls, or whatever fits the bottle. Your brand will still be there, giving you an extra advertising mileage for free!

Simply place your orders on our website. Be sure to provide us with your custom message or artwork. Please make it high resolution so printing of the labels will come out perfect.

If ordering online isn’t too comfortable for you, just give us a call on 1300 008 300. Our sweet tooth experts will be more than happy to guide you through the ordering process.  We’ll answer all questions you have about our products.

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