We all love cookies. They’re great snacks and serve as nice gifts to friends, family, and colleagues. And now, we’re making cookies a great marketing ally that you can have on your side with our promotional branded Cookies. Next time you give away these popular snacks, you’re not only delighting your recipients, but you’re also opening a great marketing opportunity for your company.

Our promotional products are customisable to your preference. You can choose your cookie style, should you want yours butternut based or shortbread based. You can also choose if you’d like to have toppings like chocolates, or have them just plain. For cookies with toppings, we can have your custom design moulded to give your cookies an extra wow factor when you give them away. For the packaging, there’s an allotted space for your printed design. The size and allotment depends on the specific product you’re availing so make sure to check each one out.

And of course, what edible product would make sense if they don’t taste good? We’re proud to tell you that our promotional cookies are among the best tasting type you can find out there. We’ve made sure that everything about our cookies are top notch. From the texture, consistency, to the taste, everything has been well thought of.

You should check out our promotional Custom Moulded Chocolate Butternut Snap to see our butternut option. For the shortbread style, take a look at the personalised Custom Moulded Chocolate Shortbread. We have plenty more products on our online confectionery catalogue so we invite you to check them all out.

While you’re on our website, you can shoot us any question you have through that live chat app and one of our customer service staff would be able to reply promptly. If you wish to give a call instead, you can dial our hotline via 1300 008 300.