Looking to order custom Protein Paleo Balls? In these fast changing times, it’s essential to be mindful of customers’ needs. Take for example our vegan community.  Due to their strict diet, snack choices are limited. And let’s not forget the health-conscious people who monitor their diet in an effort to be healthier. We at Fast Confectionery are aware of this predicament and has thus introduced our personalised Protein Paleo Balls, our protein rich and healthy snack choice. They are simply packed with fruits, nuts, seeds and all-natural ingredients with no added sugars but they are also hard not to munch on, in your free time.

Customised Protein Paleo Balls are premium quality and Australian made snacks that come in several healthy variants.

We have Coconut & Cacao, Jaffa Orange, Chia & Cacao, Lemon Crunch and lastly Cherry Bites. For branded Protein Paleo Balls, we have Choc Brownie, Peanut Butter, Rocky Road, Salted Caramel and Vanilla Macadamia.

These gluten and dairy free snacks are individually wrapped with a custom design of your own choosing. You can distribute these healthy treats to invigorate the health-conscious community while invigorating your own brand name. One doesn’t have to be mindful of how many he or she eats of these promotional Protein Paleo Balls, since they are Protein-enriched and scrumptious at the same time.

You can select from packs of 500 pieces for a smaller occasion, say a health program event. Or up to 5000 for a bigger function, like a vegan convention. Gyms and sports facilities are perfect locations to give these out. Or a team of runners from your company can join a marathon and hand these out while running.

Yum, Custom Promotional Protein Paleo Balls plus so much more

Just so many possibilities as our community is starting to be more health-conscious. And we are also a country who loves delicious food. So there’s that too.

And especially this Christmas time, these promotional Paleo Balls 15g and personalised Protein Balls 15g  can be instead, custom designed with Holiday Messages or Christmas greetings. So they are absolutely versatile for any occasion or any office event. For a festive Christmas tree, why not tie up several of these individually wrapped balls and hang them in place of Christmas balls. And as you open gifts, you can snack on as many as you like! Sounds like a tasty Christmas morning if you ask me.

So grab that phone now and call us at 1300 008 300. We will happily tell you more about our wide range of edibles suitable for any kind of event.