Christmas Mini Jelly Beans Large Pillow Pack

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The promotional Christmas Mini Jelly Beans Large Pillow Pack is a delicious choice for you this season.

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Product Sizes & Details

Pillow Pack filled with Christmas Mini Jellybeans and a customized label

Size: 92mm(h) x 100mm(w)

Weight: 95g

Printable Area

Full Colour Sticker: 50mm(w) x 25mm(h) or 38mm (dia)

Packaging & Colours

Confectionery Wrapped in Pillow Pack

Colours and measurements shown above are an approximate guide.

There can never be a more amazing goody to giveaway this holiday season than this promotional Christmas Mini Jelly Beans Large Pillow Pack. Simply take them to your product launch or trade show to be given to your target customers and you are definitely bringing out your brand’s striking appeal! We at Fast Confectionery will bet you that with your logo fixed on each of the individual pillow packs, your corporate name will be highly acknowledged and noted.

95 grams of these wonderful succulence would go a long way in promoting your company. Since our personalised Christmas Mini Jelly Beans Large Pillow Pack is just remarkably and famously delicious, they make such great favours to be enjoyed by everybody. Created from top of the line methods, any person who consumes them will have their taste buds extremely satisfied. Any event you take them to will be just as sweet.

Our customised Christmas Mini Jelly Beans Large Pillow Pack is not just a delightful way to showcase your brand but a crafty one too! With its colourful contents and popular zest, everybody would have their eyes on them which makes them a great way for your trade name to be displayed. With your corporate logo printed in full-colour on circular or rectangular labels fixated on top of each individual packs, your biz will be so hard to miss!

Our promotional Christmas Mini Jelly Beans Large Pillow Pack is the ulitmate winner this season. But you don’t want them to go alone, would you? They say that the more, the merrier, so why not give our personalised Christmas Candy Canes Big Bucket a try? Equally fun and clever as a promotional treat for your parties! Now while you’re thinking of the best direction to go, could we be bold enough to introduce you to one of our featured products, the custom embroidered Camo Flat Peak Trucker from none other than – Fast Caps. They are perfect should you want a merchandise that people could wear and most importantly carry your brand permanently!

Don’t just float away with the pixies. Call us now at 1300 008 300. We will furnish you with your promotional needs and make your dream event a reality!

Additional information

Print Size

38mm (dia), 50mm(w) x 25mm (h)


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