Lindt Balls Large Apothecary Jar

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The exquisite customised Lindt Balls Large Apothecary Jar presented with your branding is a marketing must-have!

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x40 Lindt Balls in Big Apothecary Jar

Approx 12g each

Wrapper Colours : Mixed Colours & Flavours.  Ask for specific colour if required


Height – 23.5cm, Diameter 13.5cm


Full Colour Sticker

Sticker Size : 77mmW x 70mmH


Min Quantity: 50 units

Packing Information - This information is an estimate and can vary

Units in Box: 3 units

Box Size: 580x390x260mm  (for freight purposes a CUBIC weight of 15kg per carton will be applied. If using your own freight company please check details

Box Weight (approx.): 5kg


Colours and measurements shown above are an approximate guide.

A great looking presentation coupled with fantastic contents makes for an explosive tandem. That’s what makes the Lindt Balls Large Apothecary Jar special. When customised with your company branding, this promotional product is going to take your reputation to new heights that will help you grow your business further.

Let’s talk about the jar first. This jar follows the classic apothecary design and is 60mm (w) x 100mm (h) in dimension. Just by looking at the jar itself, you can already tell it’s a very beautiful looking piece. Place it anywhere and it easily becomes a nice decorative ornament.

Now let’s talk about the contents. It’s already safe to say that the word “Lindt” should already speak for itself. Lindt has always had a good reputation of excellence and quality when it comes to chocolates, and you’d be delighted to know that this apothecary jar is packed with approximately 40 pieces of mouth-watering Lindor balls. That should already say a lot.

And finally, let’s talk about advertising. The customised Lindt Balls Large Apothecary Jar comes with a full colour 38mm (d) sticker where you can print your logo or any design you want. Stick it on the body and you have yourself a great marketing ally by your side.

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Make a memorable statement with our promotional Lindt Balls in Large Apothecary Jar. This marketing essential should be present in your parties and advertising events!

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