Need custom promotional chocolates? For promotional corporate gifts, personalised chocolates are definitely the way to go. It tastes amazing, smells good, and it feels great when it melts in your mouth.

Furthermore, chocolates give our brain’s reward circuit a welcome boost. It also releases happy hormones. There really is some amazing science behind these edible promotional gifts. One bite of this yummy goodness is sure to paint a smile on their faces.

Moreover, here at Fast Confectionery, we have a wide range of custom chocolates, perfect for any event or occasion. On a corporate level, these promotional items are perfect for trade shows, product launches, conferences, or employee rewards. On an individual level, we can also supply custom chocolates for your expo giveaways and corporate events.

Yup, Custom Chocolates and so much more.

The choices are endless. We have promotional chocolate pralines, and branded chocolate truffles.  The packaging and boxes of these promotional treats can be customised to suit your brand’s image. Moreover, some custom selections can have your brand, image, or text embossed on the item itself. That’s a lot of free advertising mileage for you!

Ordering is simple. Just select the products of choice, choose the quantity, and upload your image. We’ll take care of the rest and once done, it will be delivered straight to your doorstep. If you’re stuck or if you have queries on our product offerings, call us on 1300 008 300. Our friendly customer service staff are always on standby, ready and willing to assist you on your purchase.

Let’s get your order started, shall we? Promotional chocolates are a guaranteed hit. After all, who can ever resist them, right?

  • Bonbons

    Bonbons (3)

    Let our custom promotional chocolate Bonbons elevate your next promotion. Give your brand a lasting impact for your clients. With our branded chocolate Bonbons on your next event, you’ll certainly have everyone talking about you. Furthermore, these custom chocolate Bonbons are the perfect marketing product for any season, whether it’s the holidays, or just about any other event that you…
  • Chocolate Balls

    Chocolate Balls (10)

    These branded Chocolate balls are a fun way of showcasing your brand to the market. They’re little bite sized treats that come in a fun and enticing orange colour. People of all ages love them, so we offer them as a great promotional product for your next company event. Additionally, your staff and clients will surely love our promotional Chocolate…
  • Chocolate Beans

    Chocolate Beans (55)

    Looking for custom promotional chocolate beans? If you want a to have a great marketing product for your next promotion, then have a look at our wide selection of branded chocolate beans. Popularised by the famous brand Smarties (which they are similar to), these promotional chocolate beans have always been a classic favourite. Brand your company with something people already…
  • Chocolate Coins

    Chocolate Coins (13)

    If you want a promotional product that will certainly get the attention of your clients and leave a great impression about your brand, then our promotional Chocolate Coins is certainly going to be a great marketing tool for your company. These custom Chocolate Coins are delicious bite sized chocolate treats that come in the shape of coins and are wrapped…
  • Chocolate Freckles

    Chocolate Freckles (6)

    Looking for custom promotional chocolate freckles? If you want a delicious way to promote your company, then we have the perfect product for you. Introducing our promotional Chocolate Freckles. These custom Chocolate Freckles are guaranteed to be very tasty treats. They have every bit of the chocolaty goodness we’ve all grown to love, and to top it off, we’ve covered…
  • Chocolate Gift Boxes

    Chocolate Gift Boxes (22)

    Looking for custom Chocolate Gift Boxes? Make your clients feel really special at your next promotion with these custom printed chocolate gifts. The promotional chocolate gift boxes can be customised with your company design or logo and is great as a promotional giveaway no matter the occasion. We’ve also designed the packaging to look really upscale. It comes in an…
  • Chocolate Lollipops

    Chocolate Lollipops (2)

    Introducing our delicious custom chocolate lollipops. These branded chocolate lollipops are a great marketing tool to have in your arsenal. Additionally, we know everybody loves lollipops. They're fun, tasty and always being back some great childhood memories. Take a great experience, link it with your brand, and you are going to elevate your company to new heights. Moreover, these are…
  • Chocolate Truffles

    Chocolate Truffles (5)

    Branded chocolates are a great way to promote your company, and with our branded Chocolate Truffles at your next promotion, you’ll be giving your brand the recognition it deserves. These custom Chocolate Truffles are perfect as gifts for any occasion. Whether it’s a big launch, corporate function, or just any type of promotion where you want to make a lasting…
  • Custom Moulded Chocolates

    Custom Moulded Chocolates (18)

    Looking for Custom Moulded Chocolates? You just can’t go wrong with promotional chocolates when giving them as a giveaway treat. Now you can take your promotion a notch higher by customizing your own promotional chocolate mould. The only limit is your creativity. Imagine a delicious chocolate bar especially designed by you to give away with love. You can design it…
  • Custom Printed Smarties

    Custom Printed Smarties (7)

    Looking for custom printed Smarties? Leverage your brand with something that’s already popular with our delicious treats. Smarties have been one of the most popular candy coated chocolate goodies for ages, and now you can make that popularity work for you with this superb promotional product. The custom printed smarties stays true to all that smarties goodness while giving you…
  • Drinking Chocolate

    Drinking Chocolate (5)

    Everybody loves chocolates and they make great promotional gifts at any season. What is good about chocolates is that there’s more than one way that they can be enjoyed. Some like to chew on them, while some like them as a beverage. For this promotional product, we bring you the personalised drinking chocolate. They’re delicious chocolate drinks that you can…
  • Lindt Chocolates

    Lindt Chocolates (18)

    Promotional Lindt Chocolates would have to be the go to delicious edible gift for every occasion. If there’s a chocolate brand that has a rich history that goes way back more than a century, it’s Lindt. Lindt Chocolates have been around since 1845, and has always had a respected reputation in the chocolate world. For more than a century and…
  • M&Ms

    M&Ms (61)

    Looking for custom M&Ms? If you want to have a promotional product that will easily wow your clients, then go for our branded  corporate M&Ms. These customised marketing M&Ms can be packed with your company logo printed on the packaging. Just send us your design and surprise your recipients on your next company event with this clever promotional product. Promotional…
  • Novelty Chocolates

    Novelty Chocolates (13)

    Impress your clients with these custom novelty chocolates. They're great for corporate events where you want to give your attendees personalised novelty chocolate gifts. These will leave a great and lasting impression about your company. Moreover, we have a great selection of delicious promotional novelty chocolates. These mouth-watering custom chocolates come in various shapes and sizes. They will be packaged…
  • Personalised Chocolate Bars

    Personalised Chocolate Bars (72)

    Custom personalised chocolate Bars and promotional wrapped chocolate gifts are a fantastic promotional giveaway idea for your guests, corporate clients or for advertising your next special event. Additionally, here at Fast Confectionery we have a large selection of branded chocolate bars to choose from. The best part is you can brand the full colour chocolate wrapper. You can be as…
  • Poker Chips and Cards

    Poker Chips and Cards (6)

    Looking for custom chocolate poker chips and cards? If you want to have a winning promotion, then you’re definitely going to need a promotional edible chocolate treat!  One that’s unique and will stand out. Introducing the customised chocolate Poker Chips and Cards. These are branded chocolate goodies packaged to look like playing cards and poker chips. Additionally, it’s as exciting…
  • Toblerone

    Toblerone (1)

    Looking for custom Toblerone in bulk? First of all, when it comes to chocolates, one brand stands out.  Why? Mainly due to its curious shape. It is of course the unique personalised Toblerone chocolate. Also Toblerone is a chocolate that hails from a country most well-known for the Alps. A true beauty from Switzerland. Another thing, Fast Confectionery can deliver…