Looking for custom Biz Card Treats? Everybody loves candy, more so getting these sugary goodness treats for free!  This automatically takes your brand to a joyful and positive light. Personalised biz card treats have a universal appeal. They will definitely be well-received by all your customers.

Custom Biz Card Treats plus so much more

Additionally, giving your business card alone puts it in a risk of being discarded. To really stand out, share your contact details by adding a sweet treat. Choose from different types of confectionery such as custom biz card treats with M&Ms, Jelly Beans or Lindt balls. What about mint, and so much more! How’s that for a sweet way of getting your name and logo out there?

Similarly, not only are branded confectionery treats impressive, they are affordable, too. It makes a great gift for special meetings (one on one), seminars, trade shows, conferences, presentations, product launches, and the like. Just imagine the smile you’ll put on each attendee when they receive your business card along with some mouthwatering lollies or chocolates. Corporate biz card treats are a great way of ushering your prospective clients into the next phase of their customer journey – a sale.

The ordering process is simple – just place an order here, send us the same amount of business cards, and we’ll take care of the rest. All you have to do is sit back, relax, and wait for the custom biz card treats to arrive at your doorstep. If you opt not to use a business card but a specific message or a custom design, just send it over to us and we’ll insert these for you. Make sure they are printed on a business card size, which is 90mm x 55mm.

Ready to have your sweet treat made and delivered? Call us on 1300 008 300 and get to learn more about the sweet deals we have for you.