Looking for custom confectionery acrylic carry cases? If there are two things that make a great confectionery giveaway, it would be the candy and the packaging. While you’re looking at all of our great and tasty confectioneries, a great eye-catching packaging would definitely add to the wow factor of your gifts. This time, we’d like you to have a look at our promotional Acrylic Carry Cases. This is a great presentation option for your promotional candies, and as always, they can be customised with your printed branding for your advertising needs.

These clever packaging idea looks like your typical travel baggage, complete with handle and wheels. They are made of acrylic and has a see-through cover so contents can be clearly seen. The cases can be filled with up to 50 grams of candies. You can choose which candy you want them to come up with from our wide range of selections on our online catalogue. You can fill them with your choice of mints, chocolates, jellies, or chewy fruits.

Custom Acrylic Carry Cases for Lollies & Sweets

To advertise your company, you can have a printed design attached at the front through a full colour sticker. We’ll do the printing for you, just make sure your design is set for 33mm square. Once you have your design at the front, the personalised confectionery Acrylic Carry Cases with your choice of candies are ready to take on your marketing journey.

You should take a look at the Acrylic Carry-on Case with Chewy Fruits 50 Grams.  A perfect idea of how you can use this presentation for chewy fruits. For M&Ms, make sure to check out the Acrylic Carry-on Case with M&Ms 50 Grams.

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