Need custom confectionery cellophane bags filled with lollies? Packaging of your promotional lollies is half the success. Your packaging is where you usually stick your brand, and also how your delicious edible products will be presented. There are many ways to package your product. And if you want a no frills, cost effective packaging that’s just outright to do the job, then consider the custom confectionery cellophane bags.

Our promotional lolly bags are the easiest and simplest way to package your candies. Also your chocolates and lollies. Since branded lolly bags are a no-frills approach to packaging, it’s also the cheapest.

Also with customised confectionery cellophane bags, you’ll be able to allocate more of your funds at less cost.

Furthermore, it’s also great if you’re thinking of giving away your promotional lollies to many people. Because they’re cellophane bags, they can easily be packed, stowed, and transported. They’re great for branded M&Ms, custom Smarties, mouth-watering jelly beans, and other similarly shaped candy goods. It’s generally the most convenient way to handout and distribute your promotional products.

Moreover, have your design printed and we can stick them directly onto the cellophane bags. Give the bags your company logo. Or maybe a holiday greeting. Or perhaps a personalised message for special mention staff or clients. With a custom design on the cellophane bags, you’re surely going to make a great impact about your brand on your next promotion.

Custom Confectionery cellophane bags plus more

To see how we package our candies on cellophane bags, check out the branded Choc Orange Drops 50 Gram Bag and the customised Peppermints 60 Gram Bag. These bags are heat sealed to keep the freshness and sanitation well preserved.

Similarly, our tough and practical branded cello bags are great for gift-giving en masse. Our wide variety of packaged sweets is also perfect for customising with your special designs.

Lastly, if you’d like to discuss further your corporate confectionery requirements, you can call us at our hotline number, 1300 008 300. We can also be reached via our website through our live chat. We have our friendly lolly eating Customer Happiness Team ready to help you out so don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.