Your promotional confectionery packaging is the first thing that your recipients will see when you give them your edible gifts. It’s what they will experience prior to eating your goodies, so it’s important that your branded lolly packaging be something that will give a great impression. Consider the idea of customised paint tins filled with lollies.

This clever packaging option is in the style of paint tin can containers and are actually pretty cool. You can brand it with your company logo, or make a special design fit for the occasion. Place your design on the lid or around the sides and impress your recipients on your next promotion.

Now imagine your coming event where you want to give out promotional lolly giveaways. Your attendees receive your gifts and right upfront is your customised design. They’ll think it’s pretty cool seeing your design on a branded lolly paint can, and then they’ll be curious to know what’s inside. They open it and be treated to delicious mouth-watering lollies that await them. Now that’s really enticing.

Check out how you can use them. Have a look at the branded Jelly Beans in Small Paint Tin, custom Mints in Small Paint Tin, and promotional Choc Beans in Large Paint Tin. These are great ideas on how you can present your chosen candies using the paint tins concept.

What’s also great about promotional paint tins filled with lollies is that they’re reusable. Right after consuming the candies, you can already use it for other purposes. You can use them to store other small items, and they can easily be stowed away on your shelf or cabinet for keeping. They’re also very durable so they can be of good use for a lifetime.

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